Biodegradable Filter


Our Biodegradable Filter, used in our Anti Maggots & Odour Wheelie Bin Lid. Needs replacing just once every 2 years.

  • Made from coconut fibres interspersed with microorganisms;
  • Metabolises fermentation gasses, creating water and enzymes;
  • Biodegradable (dispose with your organic waste);
  • Activates by applying water;
  • Fits all SKUNQY Anti Maggots & Odour Wheelie Bin Lids.


How to Install

1.  Remove the cover of the Biodgradable Filter by rotating it anti-clockwise;
2.  Dispose of the old filter into your organic waste bin;
3.  Insert new Biodegradable Filter;
4.  Re-install the filter cover by rotating it clockwise;
5.  Pour 125ml of warm water through the bottom holes of the lid, allowing the filter to soak the water;
6.  Repeat step four another three times.

How it Works

Micro-organism interspersed between the fibres of the coconut filter metabolise foul fermentation gasses, producing odourless carbon dioxide, water and enzymes. These enzymes drip back into the bin, accelerating the production of compact compost.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 0,4 kg
Afmetingen 20 × 15 × 5 cm

120/140L Filter, 240L Filter