120/140L Anti Maggot & Odour Bin Lid (Complete)


Bring an end to foul odours, maggots and flies; and enjoy many other benefits!

  • Eliminate foul odours, maggots and flies;
  • Stop the spreading of fungus spores;
  • Negate the need to rinse/wash bin;
  • No maintenance! Simply replace the Biodegradable Filter once every 2 years.

Before ordering, measure the distance between the mounting points of your bin. For more information, check Mounting Options* under the Description tab.



Mounting Options*

The distance between the mounting points of the lid differ depending on the manufacturer of the bin. Please measure the distance between the mounting points of your wheelie bin and verify that they match those of the lid using our product diagram as reference. Once you are ready to place your order, select the corresponding size of your bin (120/140 L | 240 L ) with the correct mounting option (30cm mount | 33cm mount | 35 cm mount | 40cm mount) and colour (green | brown).

What’s included?

  • 1 x Anti-Odour/Anti-Pest Wheelie Bin Lid;
  • 1 x Set of Universal Mounting Pins;
  • 1 x Bio-degradable Filter (replace every 2 years);
  • Manual.

Design Details

  • Robust and sturdy design in accordance with DIN EN 840 (EU Standard);
  • Perfect seal on wheelie bin with an airtight double elastic rubber seal;
  • Easy and quick install on all common bin systems with the included pins;
  • Easy to change Bio-degradable Filter (replace once every 2 years);
  • No maintenance cost during the filter material‘s lifetime;
  • Scientifically tested and proven! See attachments below.

How does it work?

SKUNQY’s airtight rubber seal traps foul greenhouse gasses produced in the break down of organic materials and keeps pests out. The micro-organisms interspersed between the coconut fibres of the Biodegradable Filter metabolise these gasses – directly eliminating foul odours. This process produces enzymes and water, which drip back into the bin, promoting the production of compact compost. These benefits will begin to show just two weeks after installation!


Extra informatie

Gewicht 1,7 kg
Afmetingen 52 × 44 × 7 cm
Lid Size/Mount

120/140L with 33 cm Mount, 120/140L with 36 cm Mount

Lid Colour

Green, Brown