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Lower Costs &
Carbon Footprint

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Our Anti-Odour & Pest Wheelie Bin Lid can lower the costs and carbon footprint of your organisation while improving its user experience. How? By eliminating all nuisance caused by the break down of organic material, our Wheelie Bin Lid enables organisations to double the collection intervals of organic waste bins!

  • + Double Collection intervals
  • + Reduce Emissions
  • + Eliminate Nuisance

How is this Possible?

Our double elastic seal eliminates all nuisance caused by the break down of organic waste by trapping foul odour and keeping pests at bay. Our Biodegradable Filters metabolise these foul fermentation gasses – such as methane – into water, carbon dioxide and enzymes. These enzymes accelerate the break down of organic material, reducing the final volume of organic waste and improving its quality. Altogether, this not only cuts the costs and carbon footprint of your organisation, but it also enhances user experience and reduces congestion on small city roads.

Hoe de Biologische filter van de Anti Maden Kliko Klep werkt

  • + Traps Foul Odours
  • + Metabolises Fermentation Gasses
  • + Reduces Final Volume of Waste

Get on the BIOLOGIC Truck!

Our Anti-Odour & Pest Wheelie Bin Lid has already been adopted by several municipalities and has proven to increase the quantity and quality of organic waste collected from households. Contact us for more information and references!

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